October 26, 2021

New York City is considering new wastewater treatment technologies to combat the spread of sewage pollution that can contaminate local waterways.

New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation and the City Planning Department are among those exploring the possibility of introducing the technology as part of a pilot project, according to city officials.

The agency has already begun installing sewage treatment systems in more than a dozen boroughs, according the New York Times.

As the world’s most populous city, New York is a natural choice for testing new wastewater technologies.

The city is home to more than 1.5 million people, many of whom have an interest in using wastewater to produce drinking water.

New York has also recently developed a long-term, national plan to clean up its wastewater, which includes more than 50 wastewater treatment plants.

The plan is a key part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ongoing effort to transform the city’s economy from one of manufacturing and service jobs to one of renewable energy, urban planning and other economic growth.

In October, de Blasio announced a $2.5 billion plan to revitalize the city and invest $10 billion in the next decade to create 5 million new jobs, including 10,000 in high-tech and related industries.

More: A sewage treatment plant in New York, N.Y. Source: AP


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