October 20, 2021

New York’s sewage treatment system was badly damaged by the 2011 earthquake and has had to operate without any clean water for months.

The problem, however, is that the city is still dealing with the aftermath of the disaster, and the sewage system has still not fully recovered.

The wastewater treatment plant has been in operation since 2011, and has been the source of some of the city’s worst sewage pollution problems.

The city is currently trying to get some of its sewage treatment plant back online as well, which could alleviate some of New Yorkers’ concerns about the citys sewage system.

The city has been operating with only the treatment plants working, with no power, and it was only after the city got back online that residents could start feeling the relief.

The New York Times has published a report about the sewage treatment woes that have plagued New York City in recent years, which highlights how the city has only been able to operate its sewage system for about a month.

This is a massive failure, especially for the city, which is trying to rebuild its sewage infrastructure, according to the Times.

New York has one of the worst sewage systems in the world.

It is estimated that more than half of the sewage in New York is untreated, which has led to a number of diseases like dysentery, cholera, and salmonella, which can cause a number different health problems, like increased risk of illness and death, the Times wrote.

The sewage treatment problem in New New York has been so bad, the New York Department of Environmental Protection has issued a warning for residents to avoid swimming in the water in the wake of the 2011 quake.

New Yorkers have also been experiencing other health issues due to the sewage problem.

One of the most recent was an outbreak of the disease called Cholera that has been spreading in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn.

The sewage treatment systems in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York have also suffered from problems.

Residents in the cities of Newark, Newark, and Camden have also reported having diarrhea.

A new report released on Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that the number of deaths due to sewage treatment in New Hampshire rose by over 40 percent over the last year, with the majority of deaths being related to the disease.

New Jersey has also been dealing with a lot of other sewage issues, like the sewage leak in its city, and sewage spills into the water.

The state is also struggling with the number and size of its lakes and ponds, and some of those have begun to overflow.

There are currently four sewage treatment plants in New Mexico.

New Mexico is still struggling to get it working.

The New Mexico Department of Public Works has been working on a plan to restart the plants, but has yet to find a solution.


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