October 13, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO — When sewage tankers are flooded at San Francisco’s Alcatraz Bay, the city is trying to figure out how to handle the huge amount of waste that’s going to spill out of the tanks.

But the tanks are leaking.

The city has to make sure that when they’re emptied, there’s enough room to hold the sewage.

The idea is to keep them filled for as long as possible.

The City of San Francisco is trying a new system that involves draining sewage from the tanks, storing it for a certain amount of time, then releasing the waste back into the water.

But a public hearing on the idea, called Wastewater Management Initiative, has been canceled because of a lack of interest.

The San Francisco Water Works Commission will hold the public hearing Wednesday at 7 p.m. in front of the San Francisco Municipal Utility District’s Board of Supervisors.

If no one shows up, the commission plans to issue an order requiring the City of SF to develop a plan for wastewater storage.

The water works commission is a supervisory body that manages the water supply in San Francisco.

The city is seeking the public’s help in developing the wastewater storage plan.

The SFWA, which manages the city’s wastewater, is the authority that controls storage in the tanks and can request permits from the city.

The SFWA said it’s not in charge of planning the plan, but is willing to consider the public comment period.

The public is also invited to submit comments on the water works plan.


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