October 1, 2021

When it comes to drinking water, a lot of things are different.

While there are no universally accepted standards, most Australians believe that the safe amount of drinking water we can drink depends on our location, whether we are near a river, creek, lake, or river estuary.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is an independent research agency of the Commonwealth Government.

The Council provides advice and advice on water quality issues and is a member of the Health and Safety Executive.

For more information about the health and safety of drinking-water, visit the NHMRC website.

The following guidelines have been developed to help people understand the risks and benefits of drinking the right amount of water.

These guidelines are intended to help the public understand the benefits and risks of drinking different types of water, including: drinking from wells, tanks, wells, springs, cisterns, and well pads.

The Guidelines are not a substitute for your own health and well-being and should not be considered a substitute or substitute for informed medical advice.

These are not endorsed by the NHMGCS, and are not intended as medical advice or treatment recommendations.

References and further informationFor more advice on drinking water and water-related issues, visit:Health and Safety Officer’s Guide to Drinking Water for Adults (pdf, 1.9MB)


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