September 27, 2021

By: James Riddell, Managing Editor of The Salt Lake TribuneRead moreThe Salt Lake City-based Salt Lake sewer system is working to reduce the number of sewage emissions that are being emitted from its sewage pumping system.

The system is currently operating with only a fraction of its capacity.

It’s trying to reduce its emissions by more than 80 percent.

The system has a number of measures in place to reduce emissions.

They include the installation of a new sewage pump, a device that turns water from the wastewater into steam.

The pumps are now being used in conjunction with other devices to increase the amount of steam flowing through the sewage system.

“It’s really a lot of equipment,” said Ben Tulloch, the head of the Salt Lake Department of Utilities and Water Resources.

“We have been working with the sewer and the water district on these kinds of systems for a long time.”

Tulloch said that as of June 30, 2017, the system had a total of 8.4 million gallons of wastewater flowing through its pipes.

That’s a significant amount of wastewater that is not flowing into the municipal sewage system, but into the sewer system.

In an effort to reduce that number, the city has installed a number to control the amount that flows into the sewers system.

Those devices are being installed in conjunction, but are separate.

The water district is currently testing the new system in an effort that the city hopes will see the system operate at a level of compliance that the system has been operating at for years.

Tullich said the city is working with both the city and the sewer district on the technology and the way that it will work.

The city has also developed a system that uses sensors that can be placed on the city’s wastewater treatment plant and on the sewage treatment plant itself.

The city will then test the wastewater at various points during the day and during the night.

The Salt City Sewer District has installed more than 400,000 sensors to monitor the flow of sewage into the city system.

Tullich believes that as more and more sensors are placed in place, the number that’s being emitted will be reduced.


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