September 25, 2021

By Keith MyersThe first time I was exposed to sewage leaks, I was very excited.

I had never heard of such a thing before, and I wanted to get to know the person who was doing it.

I knew the company that was involved was called Myers Sump, and it was the largest provider of sewer service in the world.

When I heard that their wastewater pump had leaked, I thought, I have to try to get on the line and see how they are doing this.

But as I watched the video of the pump failing, my excitement turned to shock.

It was my first exposure to sewage, and when I saw it I was completely unprepared.

The pump had been leaking for weeks, but it was still a big deal.

I would get up at 6 a.m. and go to work.

I could not wait to see what was going on.

Myers Samp, which is based in Pennsylvania, has been the target of a series of major leaks in recent months.

A new sewage plant is being built in the city, but as of this month, the company said it has already received 2,200 reports of sewage spilling from the new plant.

The company was also working on a new sewage treatment plant when it had a similar problem, and they also recently discovered a leak in a pipeline that connects to the new sewage facility.

The new leaks have caused an outcry from residents and activists, and the mayor of the city of Myers, which sits about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh, has called for a national “clean up.”

But the company’s response to the sewage leaks has been a mixed bag.

Myer Samp has said that they are aware of the leak, and are working on improving the quality of their wastewater.

In a statement to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, they also said they are “monitoring the situation closely” and have pledged to “make sure no harm is caused.”

While the company has been extremely busy since the leaks began, Keith Myers, the manager of sewage operations for Myers Sump said the company is still working with the city to make sure the city receives a proper amount of treatment and sewage treatment.

When asked if the company was planning to restart the old wastewater treatment plant in Myers in the near future, Myers said he was “not too concerned about that,” because it will take time for it to be ready.

He also said that the city has been waiting for the city’s Department of Environmental Protection to come out with an order to begin work on the new treatment plant.

But, Myers says, they have been working with them to improve the quality and speed of their treatment and also have been monitoring the situation, to make certain that the situation is not deteriorating any further.

When I asked Myers if he was confident that the company would get back on the same path as the other wastewater companies in the country, Myers answered, “It depends on the conditions at the plant and where the waste goes.”


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