September 20, 2021

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie has signed legislation into law that requires water providers to notify consumers within a day or two of any change to the price they’re charging for water.

The governor’s order also calls for a statewide water system review and requires water service providers to provide the public with a list of all the water providers they’re using and any changes they’ve made to those providers since January 1, 2020.


Chris Cuomo also signed legislation Thursday that will require all water providers in New Jersey to provide information on water usage, distribution and other changes to their customers within 60 days of any new rate or fee.

Cuomo’s order goes into effect Friday.

He said in a statement that the governor has directed the State Water Reclamation Authority to work with all water companies in New England to identify the changes that could be affecting their customers and to implement changes to ensure the water quality is protected.

The water authority also said it will work with the state Department of Environmental Protection to develop standards for water service suppliers that ensure their water is safe to drink.

State water officials said they were already working to meet the requirements of the governor’s orders.

Water is being sent to homes and businesses in the Garden State and a few towns, as well as to communities in the northern part of the state.

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