September 16, 2021

Water is a big part of Venice’s water supply, but the city’s sewage treatment system can’t handle it all.

The city has a huge number of wastewater treatment plants, each with a different role.

In some cases, the sewage system may have to take water from a nearby river, or from nearby lakes.

Venice’s sewage system uses two main systems:The first system treats sewage from the city and nearby lake to clear it from the water, using chemicals that are often found in sewage treatment plants.

The second system uses water from the lake to treat the wastewater, as well as the sewage from a river.

In many cases, there is a lag time between when sewage is being treated and when it reaches the water treatment plants – this means that the city could still have some wastewater remaining in the water when the water is cleaned.

If your body is experiencing symptoms of sickness, it’s worth taking a look at the conditions that you’re currently in.

In most cases, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you feel well.

You can find out more about what your symptoms are and what to do about them at the Health and Safety website, and if you’re experiencing symptoms or have questions about the water or treatment system, you can call 0800 077 622.

If you are having a diarrhoea, you might need to seek medical treatment.

The health authority will refer you to a doctor for further advice.

If there are any other concerns, ask your local hospital to take a closer look at your case.

If the water from your treatment plant is contaminated with bacteria, you may need to boil it.

In Venice, that water must be treated to remove the bacteria and disinfection agents before it is sent to the treatment plant.

In some cases of diarrhoeas, it can be necessary to wash your hands and clothes before you go swimming.

The city has guidelines about washing and bathing at the sewage treatment plant, and they are available on the website of the city of Venice.

You can read more about bathing at a sewage treatment facility on the city website.

In addition, if you are swimming, you will need to wear a mask or goggles.


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