September 12, 2021

A man who used a cheap water pipe to drain sewage from his apartment building in France has developed a brand new parasite that has infected his cat.

The sewage larva is now a pest in a nearby cat’s feces, a pest that has been found in sewage pipes and in sewage emptings.

Le Pecorien, an unemployed father-of-two, used a PVC pipe to remove the sewage eggs from the building’s basement sewer line.

He says the eggs are about three to four inches long, and the larvae only live in cat feces.

They are not a problem in people’s homes, but when they are caught, they cause respiratory problems and other health problems.

After finding the eggs, the pest control company started spraying them onto the building.

A spokesperson for the company, which also calls itself Télévision, told French news channel TF1 that the sewages are “not a nuisance for human health,” but rather a danger to animals.

“They can be a nuisance to cats, for instance if they are living in their cat’s litterbox, so the parasite has to get to that level first,” the spokesperson told TF1.

But it’s not just sewage.

One of the eggs has already infected the cat, Le Pecore said.

He also reported the cat to the animal welfare organization, which has since taken him into protective custody.

There have been a few reports of cat-to-cat transmission in the United States, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

It’s also possible that the cat’s eggs are getting into humans’ bodies, Le Parrot told TF 1.


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