August 30, 2021

The Jordan River is a waterway that runs from the Mediterranean Sea to the Mediterranean Desert.

It is the largest waterway in the Middle East and is one of the main sources of water for the world.

But it is also a source of problems.

The Jordan River system, which is a major waterway, has become a dumping ground for sewage, including untreated sewage, according to a recent report by the World Bank.

Some water treatment plants, like the one in Jerusalem, do not have a sewage system.

But others, like in Amman, Jordan, and in Gaza, have a sewer system.

In Amman sewage treatment plants are installed and operated by a company called Ezzedine.

It provides a sewer service in a number of locations in Ammen, including the city’s main airport.

In addition, the wastewater treatment plant in Gaza provides sewage treatment services for sewage and storm water.

The wastewater treatment plants have the capacity to remove about 2.5 billion cubic meters of wastewater each year, which would amount to about 7 percent of the country’s annual wastewater discharge.

But this is far less than the sewage treatment capacity of the sewage disposal system, according a report by a coalition of international NGOs.

This is because Jordan has no sewage disposal standard and, consequently, no way of ensuring that the sewage is treated properly, the report said.

This, according the NGOs, makes it more difficult to clean up the sewage, which can then contaminate nearby drinking water supplies.

The waste is then sent to landfills, where it is stored for a few months, before it is disposed of in a landfill.

The sewage disposal facilities are a major source of pollution and are often used to treat sewage in a sewage treatment plant.

The water used in these plants is often polluted with untreated sewage that can then leach into the soil and groundwater.

The Jordan Valley has been under a severe drought for the past two years.

The average temperature in the valley has been below freezing in many areas for months, and many of the local residents have been complaining of the effects of the heat.

The Jordanian Environment Ministry has said that the water supply of the region has been damaged by the drought and that it is working with the Israeli authorities to fix the situation.

But some residents in the area are concerned that the government will not do enough to address the problem.

A local activist, Shmuel Al-Batshef, told Al Jazeera that there are many residents in Ammans sewage treatment facility who have complained of poor treatment and that sewage has been leaking into the Jordan Valley.

“It is hard for us to keep up the water pressure, so we are not sure how long it will take to get the treatment plants to work properly again,” he said.

Al-Barshef said he and other activists have been trying to raise awareness about the sewage issue in Amams sewage treatment facilities.

“We have organized protests at the sewage plant in Ammon and at the Ammon-Yarmouk sewage treatment station, but no one has heard from us about their problems,” he added.

The wastewater treatment system in Amammon is also in danger.

The Jordanian authorities say that the wastewater system in the city has been shut down due to the drought.

But Al-Batshef said that there is another sewage treatment system at the Jordanian capital that has not been shut.

Al-Zahran said that while the sewage system in Jordan is not a sewage disposal facility, the sewage that is discharged into the Jordanian waters has been treated by the sewage-treatment plant.


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