August 23, 2021

The wastewater treatment lab at the University of Washington’s Aquatic Sciences Research Center has a sewage overflow system and a sewage treatment device.

But there is no way to get the waste out of there.

The wastewater treatment facility, located in the Botanical Gardens of the Pacific Northwest, is a major facility that handles wastewater from multiple federal programs.

It also manages sewage treatment for the state of Washington.

In July, a spill occurred when the sewage treatment system flooded, releasing wastewater that flooded into the Botanic Gardens.

The spill was caused by a leaking sewage pipe, which was covered with a plastic bag.

Water and sewage from the spill were collected and turned into a wastewater treatment tank.

According to a news release from the Seattle Department of Ecology, the sewage overflow tank has a capacity of about 2,000 gallons per day.

The water is stored at the end of the sewer pipe, but it has to be emptied periodically, as the pipe must be filled to hold the water in place.

The sewage overflow is located on the roof of the facility, and the water must be released through a grate in the ceiling.

As of the end-of-year, the wastewater treatment plant was receiving about 7,000 cubic yards of untreated wastewater a day, and had received about 9,000 of the treated wastewater.

The average time between a discharge and a recovery is 30 minutes, but this number can be affected by other factors.

The wastewater spill has already been investigated by the Washington Department of Environmental Quality and the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services.

A formal response has not yet been sent.

Read more at Washington state’s Aquatics Sciences Research Centers.

Sources: Washington State Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Washington State Dept. of Health, Washington Department Of Health and Social Services, Washington Environmental Protection Agency, Washington Aquatic Science Research Center


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