August 17, 2021

By now, you know that the sewage system at Cleveland’s Cleveland Municipal Sewerage District (CMSD) is plagued by major problems.

CMSD says that the water that flows through the system contains the toxic chemicals that cause cancer and that the chemicals were dumped in the system as part of the city’s effort to keep residents healthy.

However, some residents are still upset about the situation and are demanding a solution.

The CMSD is the largest sewage system in the United States, serving nearly 5 million people.

The sewer system in Cleveland has been a source of contention since the 1970s, when it was shut down because of an outbreak of Legionnaires disease.

In a 2007 report, a state report said that “the quality of the sewage is highly variable” and that it “could contain high levels of bacteria and other pathogens.”

However, the sewer system has been restored and the city has continued to use it for decades.

In the same report, the report said the city did a “good job” of treating sewage and the “contaminants are mostly harmless.”

The problem has continued for decades, with complaints that the city failed to treat the sewage properly and that some residents’ health has been negatively affected by the problem.

CMSEs sewage system has also been linked to the spread of Legionnaire’s disease, which has killed at least 6,000 people since its discovery in the 1970.

CMSPD says that it is working to make the sewage systems in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and New York City “cleaner and more efficient.”

In the meantime, residents are trying to figure out how to keep the water running while it is still clean.

Some are using water filters to clean their own toilets and using bleach to disinfect their own water.

Others are using bleach and detergent to disinfect the water of their homes.

The Cleveland Sewer District says that its water is safe to drink and that residents are not required to use the chemicals that are used in the sewage.

However, residents say that CMSDs water is not safe to use, and they say that the company is ignoring their concerns and failing to take action.

The city of Cleveland has asked the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to investigate the sewage problems.

The city also said that it has asked a private company to clean up the sewage, and that city officials are currently working with the company to find a solution to the sewage problem.

If you have any information on the situation, you can call the Cleveland Sewing Company at 216-742-3880.

You can also send your information to the CMSE by email at [email protected]


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