August 12, 2021

FourFourFiveOne thing you can do to stop a sewage lift pumping its sewage into the sea is to get your home water tested.

 That’s the advice of one of Australia’s leading freshwater experts, Dr David Pritchard.

He is a member of the Australian Water Technology Advisory Group (AWTAG) and a lecturer in water management at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Pritches advice comes after he and his colleagues published a report last month showing that a single-family home on the south-west coast of Victoria had more than double the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and other contaminants found in sewage basins across the state.

One of the key findings of the AWTAG report was that, while most of Victoria’s wastewater basins are managed using anaerobic digestion (AD), there are no controls to prevent sewage from flowing into the waterways.

It is believed that the lack of control may be a result of the Victorian government’s reliance on water recycling and water conservation programs.

The report also found that a number of wastewater treatment facilities in the state have failed to meet their emissions standards.

“This is not a one-off event,” Dr Pritcher said.

He said the main risk was that the system would fail and cause sewage to escape.

“The system is not designed to deal with the amount of sewage that it contains,” he said.

“There’s no system to control the amount that’s discharged.”

Dr Patil says the biggest risk for a sewage overflow in Victoria is that sewage pipes become flooded.

According to Dr Putchers report, the majority of sewage is discharged into the river system through a single discharge pipe, the ATSL.

When the AHSB found that more than 50 per cent of the sewage in a single ATSLS water tank contained more than 500 millilitres of nitrogen and less than 10 per cent contained more that 500 millimetres of phosphorus.

While the report does not say how much the ATCL is allowed to discharge, the WA Department of Environment and Water said the state does not have any restrictions on its operation.

“As a state we do not require a discharge limit for the AATSL,” a spokesperson for the WA department said.

“However, the regulations for the use of wastewater for treatment and treatment to wastewater treatment and to water reuse do not apply to the AETSL.”

Dr Puttons report also highlighted the lack a set-back plan for sewage overflows.

There is no set-up for how to deal if a sewage flow becomes too heavy, he said, and there are not many options available to address sewage overflights.

And while the water treatment facilities have a number to protect them from the water, the water that is discharged from the AETs has little to no protection from the storm water, he explained.

So how can you protect your home from sewage overflow?

Dr Putchchard said one of the best ways to deal is to keep your home clean and sanitary.

You can clean and disinfect your home, he added.

Even though most people will not notice a difference, you can also use a detergent and a mild soap and water scrub to remove debris and bacteria.

Another good way to keep the water in your home is to ensure that your water and waste systems are functioning properly.

Once your water is treated, it should be flushed or treated with a bleach solution and treated with chloramines.

If you do not flush or treat your water, then it is safe to drink.

But Dr Putchcher warns that if you do wash your home regularly, you may want to use detergent to remove the soap residue from your home.

I think it’s good to do some cleaning before we start to flush, so it’s a little bit easier to do that.

Dr Pritchles advice is also good advice for people who have pets or other small animals.

“It’s very important that you don’t put them in the sink,” he advised.

For pets, Dr Puggles advice says that “frequently washing your pet is the most important thing you do for them.”

If you put them under water to get rid of any excess soap residue, they will get very clean and clean again.

“And he advises that if the water has a chemical odour or it is contaminated, it’s best to wash the water with a neutral detergent solution.

To wash the bathroom, Dr Patil said, you should first use a neutral washcloth and then rinse the water.

Then you should rinse with a mild detergent like bleach or chloramines, Dr Patterson said.

Dr Patils advice also has some practical advice for residents who live in low-income areas.”

You should wash the area to prevent it from becoming contaminated,” she said.

 If you live in a lower-income area and you live near


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