August 9, 2021

A new study by researchers from the University of Minnesota shows that black water flows from rivers and streams into the Great Lakes and affects the quality of the water that flows into the city of Detroit.

The study, published online in the journal Water Quality, looked at black water pollution from Michigan’s Great Lakes, Lake Huron and Lake Erie, as well as its tributaries.

In cities across the state, the study found black water contamination and poor water quality caused by runoff.

The Michigan study focused on a large swath of Lake Erie and the Michigan and Ohio river systems, which together account for more than 80 percent of Michigan’s water supply.

Black water pollution is considered a threat to water quality in the Great Lake region because of its potential to disrupt fish and wildlife habitats.

“The water quality problems we identified here, and in the Michigan cities we looked at, are consistent with what we have seen elsewhere in the world,” said study lead author Jennifer Schmitt, a research associate at the University’s School of Public Health and Environment.

The research team found that the quality decline of water in the Lake Erie watershed coincided with a decline in black water levels.

In the Great lakes, the lake is home to a number of fish species, including the bluegill and steelhead.

Blackwater pollution is a problem for both fish and humans, as it can contribute to salinity changes in water, causing the fish to overproduce and the salinity to drop.

But the study shows that in urban areas, black water can be a problem in both fish populations and human populations.

“We’re seeing this in cities all over the country,” Schmitt said.

“People are drinking water that has less chlorine and more phosphorous than the water in their basements and garages, and they’re consuming water with less chlorophyll and more chloramines than the waters in their homes and businesses.”

Schmitt and her colleagues looked at water samples from the lakes and rivers in Detroit, Rochester, and Toledo.

The researchers compared the samples from three different time periods, from 1997 to 2013 and from 2011 to 2012.

They found that blackwater contamination and the rate at which the water was flowing from the Great-Lake watershed varied from place to place, as did the rate of pollution.

The findings suggest that the lake’s black water may have been a problem even before the arrival of the new Flint River water source in the Flint area in 2014.

Black-water contamination from Detroit’s Lake Huronia watershed also increased from 1997 until 2010.

The black water from the Flint River watershed, which began flowing into Lake Hurons water system in 2015, has been blamed for an increase in algae blooms that are affecting the Great River.

The lake’s algae is the result of a mix of bacteria and protozoa.

Black levels of the bacteria in the lake are higher than those in the Mississippi River, the source of the Flint water, which was also a source of contamination from the lake.

The algae blooming and the contamination of the lake, both caused by black water, are among the main problems that are causing the lake to sink.

The Great Lakes are also the source for a large portion of the Great American Lakes’ drinking water supply, including its largest source, Lake Michigan.

Black and other pollutants are also being released into the lake through industrial waste treatment, sewage treatment and water supply management.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that the Great Rivers Restoration Act of 1984, which banned discharge of untreated wastewater into the lakes, is responsible for nearly one-fifth of all the water pollution in the United States.

The act was passed after a federal judge ruled that the federal government did not have the legal authority to prohibit discharge of blackwater from the water system that supplied Detroit.

That ruling was overturned by the U.N. Environmental Program for Water, which argues that the EPA failed to properly consult with local and state governments and other stakeholders before the regulation.

The federal government is still working to fix the problem.

Flint water is a key part of the solution Flint, Michigan, is now the first city in the U, the U

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