August 7, 2021

Chennai has the biggest sewage problem in the country, with one of the worst in the south.

Sewage truck workers have been picketing the city’s sewage treatment plant, while sewage is pouring down the drains of a nearby canal.

The water in Chennai is among the worst on the island, with nearly a third of the city being polluted.

The sewage is not the only problem. 

A report released by the Water Resources and Sanitation Authority of India (WRSAI) shows that the city has one of India’s highest levels of septic tanks.

Sewage from industrial facilities is also flowing down the drain of the Canal, which is being diverted to a nearby landfill.

Some of the other worst parts of the state include Pune, Kochi, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

Indian cities are not only suffering from sewage pollution, but the issue has also worsened due to the high number of tourists and expatriates visiting the country.


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