August 6, 2021

A sewage chamber that was used to capture and process sewage in the city of Kolkata has been seen in a Google Maps image again.

Google’s Street View mapping service has a new picture of the sewage chamber, now part of the city’s sewer system, and it’s a clear indication that it hasn’t been removed.

It was taken in August 2016.

A Google Street View image shows the sewage treatment plant at Kolkatta, India, showing it at a high point, after a water main collapsed in June 2015.

This picture was taken at a time when Kolkatas water main was collapsed in the same place, according to the company’s StreetView service.

The building was later rebuilt.

Google has a history of taking pictures of the sewer, and some of the other buildings in the vicinity of the old sewage treatment plants, including the old building at the top of the image.

But the new one has been shown to be at a higher elevation than the others, and this image was taken from below, where it would be about five to six metres above the ground.

The image also shows a number of signs that have been removed from the sewage facility in the previous two years.

A water main that collapsed in July 2015 in Kolkatan, India.

Google StreetView, Google (India).

The new image shows a section of the water treatment plant that was demolished by the city in November 2016, according Google’s street view service.


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