August 6, 2021

The owners of the UK sewage treatment plant Beddington have decided to shut down their sewage treatment facility, after the government announced it would invest $500 million in the project.

The project was announced last week by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), which said it would support Beddons project in helping to reduce emissions of ammonia, nitrates and other chemicals.

According to the Environment Agency, Beddocks waste treatment plant has been in operation since 2009, and is the largest sewage treatment system in the UK.

Beddons waste treatment facility has been the subject of an international court case that was thrown out in June after it failed to comply with its environmental permit, which the court said was “simply a technicality”.

The court ruling said that the permit was not valid and had no legal basis.

In a statement on Tuesday, DEFRA said that it had agreed to invest $5 million in a new plant in the North of England, where the plant has previously been located.

“The project will deliver the biggest single investment in the plant’s history and will provide jobs and investment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people across the UK,” it said.

“Beddington is a key part of the future development of the North East region and we welcome the government’s decision to invest in the development of a new sewage treatment and waste processing plant.”

In the meantime, Bedworth said it had no plans to shut its sewage treatment plants.

However, it did say it was considering how to relocate its existing facility to a location with fewer emissions and less pollution.

A spokesperson for the UK government said the government would continue to invest £3 million a year in the waste processing industry and would consider any additional investment.

It is hoped that with the project’s completion, the project could be completed in 2020.

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