July 30, 2021

Time article A new technology that uses wastewater as a catalyst for chemical reaction is making it easier for wastewater treatment plants to treat sewage pollution.

The technology, which has been tested at more than 300 wastewater treatment sites in the U.S. and around the world, can eliminate one of the main barriers to treating sewage pollution: The need for chemicals that are expensive and laborious to process.

Researchers say the technology could help solve two other major problems in wastewater treatment: The time it takes to treat wastewater, and the cost.

The cost of chemical treatment is one of many reasons that wastewater is typically treated in a closed system.

The new technology is called NPSP-S (Natural Processing of Wastewater-Sensitive Porous Sulfur) and it is developed by researchers at the University of Southern California and the University at Albany.

The company, which plans to commercialize the technology in 2018, is based in New York and uses commercial wastewater treatment equipment.

The technology is made up of two distinct parts: a membrane, which can be applied to wastewater to treat it, and a microfluidic device, which creates a gas that can be processed.

The membrane of the NPSS-S system.

The microfluids in the membrane act as a solvent and an emulsifier, which makes it more flexible than conventional treatment methods.

The company says the membrane can treat sewage pollutants that are not harmful to humans, but it needs to be cleaned in order to do that.

Credit: University at BuffaloScientists from the University in Buffalo in New Jersey and the UB-Lancaster School of Engineering in New Brunswick, New Jersey, tested the membrane technology and the microfluide emulsification system at more as many wastewater treatment facilities as they could in the United States and around this country.

They then used this information to calculate the efficiency of the process.

They then compared this efficiency to the efficiency with conventional wastewater treatment systems and found that the NSPS-M technology was more efficient.

The team is now testing the technology at more wastewater treatment plant sites, with the goal of finding the best technology to help the UBC researchers scale up their wastewater treatment operations.

They say the microfabricated membranes, called “NSPS membranes,” have an excellent efficiency, which is good for wastewater.

The team says they plan to commercialise this technology by 2018.

In addition to the USB and UB labs, researchers from the Johns Hopkins University and the Center for Applied Microbial Research in Atlanta are also working on NPSM-S.

They are developing a new microfluidal system that is able to process wastewater in a much smaller volume than conventional membranes.

They have tested a prototype version of the new microfabrics, and they hope to show it to a panel of judges at a conference next year.

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