July 29, 2021

In a recent survey, researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) found that Sydney and Melbourne are the top three cities in the country to get the best treatment, followed by Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.

“The average city in Australia has about 25,000 sewage slugs per person,” said Professor Alan Jones, who led the study.

“What’s important is to have enough to treat all the slugs and not just those that come in contact with the water.”

Professor Jones said that when slugs come into contact with water, they can become contaminated with other organisms, including bacteria.

“If the bacteria is able to survive and grow in the sewage, it’s going to become a major problem for sewage treatment,” he said.

The researchers also looked at wastewater treatment facilities, finding that Sydney was the only city to have more than 10 wastewater treatment plants.

“This shows there are a lot of sewage treatment facilities that are doing a good job,” Professor Jones said.

“You can’t get it to the point where we can’t deal with it, but it’s a bit early to say it’s got to be a major issue for Sydney.”

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