July 26, 2021

article The sewage grinders that help control seepage from sewage treatment plants in Toronto are the stuff of legends, and they’re still around.

They’re known as “scrappy, cheap and dirty” because they’re so ubiquitous.

And they’re often in the wrong place at the wrong time, said Doug Goss, president of the International Wastewater Association, an environmental group.

“The industry needs to take a big, big hard look at their operations and ensure they are being managed properly.”

What is sewage grating?

In the early 20th century, the sewerage system of most Canadian cities was built to handle a lot of sewage.

The pipes that carried sewage from the city’s sewers to the homes and businesses in the surrounding neighbourhoods were often made of solid clay.

The clay was poured in and was separated by water.

The solid clay was then placed on the concrete surfaces of buildings to prevent it from clogging the sewers.

It’s a technique called “sewage,” which stands for sewage and the city of Toronto has a name for it: sewerage.

This is what it looks like in a sewage grate.

The city’s wastewater management system uses a technique known as a “scraper” to separate the solid clay and the clay from the other materials.

This allows the sewer system to treat sewage in the city and divert it to other facilities.

As a result, sewage is treated at the surface of the city.

“You have to have these things in place,” said Goss.

In the past, sewer grates were typically installed to separate water from sewage. “

We need to take some big, hard look and make sure they’re being managed appropriately.”

In the past, sewer grates were typically installed to separate water from sewage.

But today, some municipalities have installed them for other purposes, such as making it easier to remove the clay, said GOSS.

These grates are designed to remove soil and sediment from the sewer, allowing the water to be directed to other treatment plants.

The process of removing the soil and material can be complicated.

The City of Toronto says it’s working with local businesses to improve sewer grating practices.

It also says its sewage treatment system has a “more efficient and cost-effective way to treat septic effluent.”

What’s in the sewer grate?

“The problem is the material is actually quite difficult to deal with,” said Michael O’Brien, who is vice-president of operations and environmental services for the City of Calgary.

“There’s a lot that needs to be done, but it’s very hard to actually get that done.

It requires a lot more training and equipment, and a lot is actually being done at the ground level.”

The City has a sewage management program that uses equipment and a staff of about 50 people.

The sewer management program is based in the sewage grated section of the sewer pipe that carries water from the municipal wastewater treatment plant in the North to the municipal treatment plant at the city wastewater treatment facility in the South.

The municipal wastewater system has its own sewage grates.

The North section is in the lower portion of the drainage system, and the South section is above the city sewer system, in the area of the sewage treatment plant.

This portion of pipe has a clay-like substance that allows it to drain more easily and be easier to work with.

In the South, the sewage grate is placed on a concrete slab that is about six inches wide.

“This is the one we are using,” said O’Brien.

“It’s about six feet wide.

The city is also testing its sewage management system. “

What we’re trying to do is get rid of this clay-type material, and we’ve been trying to find some other ways of getting rid of that clay.”

The city is also testing its sewage management system.

This includes a pilot program in which sewage grashers are trained to properly dispose of the clay and debris in their sewage grate.

But it’s not yet clear what the city is doing to address the clay in the grates, O’BSBRIEN said.

What is a sewer grate and why does it matter?

The sewer grate is the small section of pipe that houses the sewage and water in the system.

It has a number of different functions, including controlling water from septic tanks into the sewage system.

In some situations, the pipe may be a permanent fixture that must be removed when it is not needed, such a after a storm, said OBSBriens.

In other situations, such systems can be temporary fixtures, such like a grate or a grate plate, that are replaced periodically.

The grates also serve as barriers between the sewage in a sewer and the water in a municipal wastewater plant.

The wastewater is then diverted to the water treatment plants at the municipal level.

But the clay that’s used to treat the sewage


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