July 22, 2021

The world is a place full of bacteria, but some of them can be pretty serious.

That’s because some of those bacteria are so nasty that they can kill you.

It’s been well documented that many of these bacteria are the cause of colitis, a potentially deadly and chronic condition that afflicts about 1 in 100 people worldwide.

But it’s not clear whether these bacteria actually cause colitis in people who don’t have it.

Now, new research published in the journal PLOS ONE suggests that some of these nasty bacteria can actually cause cancer.

To study the bacteria that cause colic, researchers at the University of Maryland and at Johns Hopkins University used a whole host of samples from people who developed colitis and their family members to look for new types of bacteria.

To do this, they fed the samples to mice, which are normally designed to avoid the bacteria and instead use bacteria-resistant bacteria.

They also gave the mice some antibiotic treatment to prevent them from becoming colonized.

In addition to looking for the type of bacteria that causes colic in people, they also looked for the kinds of bacteria responsible for the disease in mice.

The mice that got the antibiotic treatment had much lower levels of the bacteria responsible.

These mice also had a lower amount of the type that causes colon cancer, and they also had significantly fewer of these harmful bacteria in their guts.

What the researchers didn’t know was whether the bacteria in the mice that were colonized with these bacteria would also be colonized by these bacteria in humans, or whether they would be resistant to the antibiotics.

They could find out.

When they infected mice with bacteria-producing bacteria from people with colitis who had colitis without colitis or colic themselves, the mice developed cancer.

But when they infected those mice with the bacteria-inducing bacteria from patients with colic who had not colic or colics themselves, those mice developed normal guts and normal colic symptoms.

These bacteria-killing bacteria are a “very, very, very rare” class of bacteria in mice, says senior author James C. Davis, professor of molecular microbiology at Johns, and senior author of the study.

The researchers think these bacteria-sensing bacteria could be responsible for causing colitis.

They aren’t very active and don’t cause much harm to people, but they can cause cancer if they get into a patient’s colon.

They’re a bit like the microbes that make up the blood of people with chronic diseases, Davis says.

The discovery has important implications for the way doctors and patients think about the kinds and levels of harmful bacteria that are present in the gut, Davis adds.

The bacteria-fighting bacteria may also help explain why people with colon cancer are able to tolerate antibiotics better than those without.

Davis says that when it comes to treating colitis people are typically given drugs that kill or kill by causing inflammation, and it’s possible that this bacteria-detecting bacteria might also help fight inflammation and help prevent cancer.

“These are the first lines of evidence that you can use in terms of understanding how to treat colitis,” Davis says, “and we’re not there yet.”

For now, the researchers say that people should be wary of certain bacteria-eating bacteria, such as the one that causes Lyme disease, that are resistant to antibiotics.

And they caution that even though they found that some bacteria that were resistant to antibiotic treatment could cause cancer in people with the disease, the new research still doesn’t prove that these bacteria caused cancer in humans.


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