July 21, 2021

Three months after Hurricane Maria left its path across Puerto Rico, residents are still struggling to clean up the sewage left behind by Hurricane Maria.

Residents have to start by removing the trash from their houses, but the process can take up to a week. 

In the Bay State, sewage is a big issue, and it has forced many residents to make difficult choices.

One Bay State resident, Tessa Odom, recently said that it’s hard to do her laundry in the house because it’s impossible to keep it dry and clean.

She added that her family’s laundry room is filthy.

“We have a lot of filth in our house.

My mom and dad are both diabetic.

My dad has been on insulin, and she’s getting sicker,” she said.

“It’s hard for them to clean the house.”

In the United States, sewage drains are located in rivers, lakes, and estuaries.

These drains collect sewage from the surrounding soil and water, which is then treated and released into the sea.

Many of these rivers and estuary systems drain into coastal waters, which can be a huge issue for residents in Puerto Rico.

A major problem is the amount of water used to clean these waterways.

The water that flows into the bay is so saline that the bacteria living in the river and its surrounding soil can cause damage to the surrounding water table.

“The water table in Puerto Ricos estuarine is extremely low,” according to a study by the USGS.

“A typical estuary has a water table of about 30 feet below sea level.

So you’re talking about a water level that’s about two to three times below the normal rate of rainfall.”

When water flows into a drainage, it can be absorbed by the sedimentary rocks that are under the water, and the sediment can cause the drainage to weaken.

This weakening can cause cracks in the rock wall, which then can break open, creating a leak.

As a result, the flow of water can flow into the storm drain.

While some of the water from the storm drains can be treated with chemicals, other parts of the sewage can cause problems, like a problem with the sewage pipe.

A sewage leak can also lead to the release of sewage into the water.

In the Bay Islands, many residents also use portable toilets that can break down and release large amounts of sewage.

The sewage can then enter the storm sewers.

The problem is, if the storm sewer system is not cleaned, the storm water will leach into the Bay, and that can cause other problems.

“People have been very worried about the water in the bay because it can get very stagnant in the winter,” says Odom.

“I don’t think it’s healthy for the people of Puerto Rico to be drinking that water.” 

One Bay State city, San Juan, is working to improve its sewage systems, and is making plans to install a sewage treatment plant that will remove the sewage.

“This is a very long-term project, so it’s going to take years to complete,” says Mayor Hector Castro.

“But we want to do this as soon as we can.”


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