July 19, 2021

King County sewage workers at Imperial Beach in Washington state have been collecting waste and treating it in an artificial lagoon.

The process takes about 15 hours and is designed to collect and treat the amount of wastewater that enters the bay.

But the process is only going to work as long as the sewage isn’t coming from a septic tank.

That means that, until a facility can be built that can pump the waste out, there is a limited amount of waste in the bay and it is unlikely that the process will ever reach its full capacity.

The water in the lagoon has been treated with chlorine, which helps the sewage not leach into the bay, but it doesn’t completely remove it.

It has also been treated to kill microbes, which help kill microbes in the wastewater.

King County wastewater officials said they had been using the lag, called the Waste Management Facility, since March of last year.

They have been running the facility at the same time as other county facilities.

But this week, King County officials decided to expand the operation and open up the lag to the public.

The lagoon is located on the Imperial Beach shoreline, just off the coast of King County.

The bay is about 3 miles wide and 3 miles long, and is the largest body of water in Washington, including the Sound.

The sewage is then pumped into the lagos water tank and is then treated to remove all of the harmful microbes, including salmonella and E. coli, the county said.

There is no cost to the county to use the waste treatment plant, and the wastewater has been tested to see if it has been cleaned up by the sewage treatment plant.

In King County, the wastewater is used to irrigate the town of Imperial Beach.

The wastewater is sent to a facility on the coast that is then processed at the nearby Imperial Beach Plant.

King City, which includes the city of Seattle, has a wastewater treatment plant that is being built on the shore of Lake Washington.

The water from that plant is then sent to the Imperial Water Treatment Plant.

The wastewater treatment process can take days, weeks, or months, depending on the conditions of the bay water, and sewage treatment plants can take several months to build.

If it is not built, sewage would enter the ocean, and it can be up to 40 years before it is fully discharged.


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