July 9, 2021

It has been a challenge for the Imperial Beach Aquatic Park and the city of Bay State to clean up the toxic effluent of a decades-old sewage treatment plant that once spewed a foul stench into the bay.

But the new system is making a difference in a place where many people, especially in rural areas, have little access to clean drinking water.

The wastewater treatment plant was decommissioned in 2010 and abandoned when the park closed, forcing residents to take water from the ocean and use it for their showers and taps.

With the new facility, residents have access to water that comes from a municipal well and is treated with disinfectants and other treatments that prevent bacteria from forming in the water.

Water from that well is piped into tanks that filter the water to the surface.

It’s then pumped back to the park to be treated and used for drinking and other uses.

When the sewage plant was abandoned, the park and the surrounding areas became increasingly isolated from the rest of the state.

But in 2017, when the new treatment plant opened, the water came from the city and nearby communities and is now being treated.

Imperial Beach Aquarium director David Giesen says the new technology is making water more available to the city as well.

It means that you can come out and get water and get a good meal, or get a great water filter, and not be stuck in a dark room.

That is really what we need, Giesens water filter technology, which he says is not only being used to save water but also to help make our lives a little easier and easier for our visitors, especially our residents.

In addition to the water from its treatment plant, the Imperial Bay Aquatic Garden has a water treatment plant on its property, too.

It is also now providing water to residents who live in areas around the plant, which Giesening says has reduced the amount of water it is needed for drinking.

We’re able to provide water for people, including the residents of the park, and also the residents who are coming out to the river, so they can enjoy the fish, the fish that they are eating, and the fish they are bathing in, he said.

People who live around the sewage treatment site have been coming out and getting water from their gardens for a number of years now.

Gieseng says the city is also able to keep up with the growing demand for water for the park.

We’ve been able to maintain that level of water that we have been able, but it’s also a bit of a challenge in the summer, when we are not in full bloom, to keep the level of flow that we’re getting from the plant that is providing water.

And it’s just not something that we can really afford to lose.

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