July 5, 2021

San Diego-based San Diego Clean Water Technology Solutions, a wastewater treatment company, announced on Tuesday that it is offering to pay workers a “living wage” of $11.50 per hour.

The offer will apply to those who work for the company and will be in effect from July 1, 2019.

The company said the move is designed to boost pay for its employees who make up about half of its workforce.

The wage offer comes after the state announced earlier this year that it was looking to hire a wage increase for its more than 2 million employees, including its more well-paid sanitation workers.

According to a report from The San Diego Union-Tribune, the state was aiming to hire about 6,000 sanitation workers in 2019.

San Diego CleanWater Solutions CEO and CEO of San Diego’s sanitation department Dan Zavala told The Union-Telegram the company is trying to ensure that its employees will have an opportunity to contribute to the economy and that its workers will have the opportunity to make more money through the company’s pay offer.

The firm is currently seeking a skilled worker for the job and said it will contact potential hires for the position on July 1.

Zavala added that the company has not set a time frame for the wage increase, but said it would likely be in the mid-to-late 2020s.

The announcement comes as California Gov.

Jerry Brown (D) is weighing legislation to increase pay for those working in public and private sectors, including those who perform a wide range of municipal and public services.

Brown’s proposed legislation would increase the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour and allow for a 1 percent pay increase on public sector workers in a year.

However, it does not include paid sick leave or other paid time off for employees.

California has seen a surge in the number of sanitation workers this year, which has caused some companies to raise wages and benefit plans.

On Monday, San Diego sewer treatment tech company San Diego Tech Solutions announced that it would offer $11-per-hour wages to its workers, as it tries to boost wages for its workers.


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