June 19, 2021

The toilet paper you roll out of the paper bin may soon be a waste.

New Scientist reports that scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a novel technique to recycle toilet paper.

According to the researchers, their paper-recycling process converts a paper pulp into a bio-degradable waste product called diaphrodisiac.

The paper pulp is a solid polymer that is generally used to make toilet paper, but is not very useful for bio-disinfection.

The paper is actually used as a biocompatible scaffold for making other plastics and polymers.

The researchers think their process is easier to implement, safer, and more sustainable than traditional recycling.

The new paper-recycler would use a gel-based polymer, which can be easily washed, and the paper is then dried.

The gel-like material is then heated, heated again, and dried again.

It would then be re-absorbed into the paper.

For their study, the researchers used a commercially available, commercially available gel-to-paper gel-recycle paper-collector.

The material is made from a thin layer of polyethylene glycol (PET), which is a polymer that contains a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) enzyme.

The enzyme converts the PET into an oligosaccharide called pyrolysine.

The polymerase then uses that pyrolysis product to make a series of hydroxyl radicals (HVRs), which can then be used to break down cellulose.

The authors say the paper-retrieval process is more efficient than conventional recycling, as it only requires a single gel.

They also said the gel-recyling process could be used in conjunction with other paper-reducing processes.

If the gel re-uses, it could be produced at a rate of between 2.4 and 2.9 tonnes per year.

The study is published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

[Source: New Scientist]

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