June 17, 2021

A series of massive floods in New Delhi in April caused the city’s wastewater to spill into the sea, leaving many people homeless.

The massive water dump was blamed on the Delhi government’s failure to adequately deal with a number of sewage leaks.

But it’s not just the sewage that has been blamed.

A major fire broke out at the end of April that left hundreds dead.

In India, sewage can cause major problems, and the city is home to more than 300,000 residents, according to data from the government.

But the city has also seen its share of problems.

In January, the city had to shut down two major sewage treatment plants after a leak in the main sewage tank.

In May, a fire at a sewage treatment plant killed 14 people, and a large fire broke loose at a major sewage plant in August.

Indian media outlets have been focusing on the number of deaths in the water dump, which has become the focus of protests against the city.

“People are dying because of the sewage and there are no clean solutions,” said a protestor who asked to remain anonymous, according.

As of June, there were nearly 11,000 people homeless in Delhi, according the city government.

The government has already started to clean up the situation by hiring about 1,000 volunteers, but many people say the government is not doing enough to deal with the problem.

People have been protesting against the Delhi sewage dump for months.

The protests have become a source of frustration for the city, as they have become the focal point of a political controversy that has already spread to the national capital.

New Delhi’s residents, who rely on public transport, have been demanding a solution to the sewage problem.

According to a report by the Indian Express newspaper, at least 1,400 protesters have been detained in the past few days, while at least 400 protesters were detained by police on Saturday, the same day as the water leak incident.

Protesters say they want the government to stop sending sewage to the port in case of a disaster.

They also want to stop the construction of a sewage tunnel, as the Delhi authorities have already said they will be using the tunnel.

The city’s sewage treatment facility has also been plagued by leaks.

Officials say that since January, sewage has leaked into the main sewer tank of the plant.

The leak caused the fire, which killed 14.

While it is a small city, Delhi has become a hotspot for pollution, with the amount of waste in the city reaching almost 6,000 metric tons.

The city’s pollution has also become a problem for residents, with many cities experiencing an increase in the amount and quality of pollution.

Residents say the sewage leaks, as well as other problems, have contributed to the growing number of suicides in the state.

On Friday, a court ordered the death penalty for four people who died after the fire broke through a closed sewage tunnel in the northern part of the city on April 10.

The three other people who were arrested in connection with the fire are in the process of being tried.

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