June 17, 2021

The Las Vegas sewage system has become the focal point for environmental issues in the city.

It’s also the largest in the country, according to the American Water Works Association.

The system, which includes the Las Vegas Aqueduct and the Las Vega Municipal Sewerage District, uses an organic fertilizer called nitrate to purify wastewater, and is the second largest in Las Vegas after the Sewer.

It’s an organic waste management system, meaning it’s used to treat sewage in a plant and treat sewage for the public, according a Water Works spokesperson.

Aqueducts and sewage treatment plants use a chemical called nitric acid, which has been found in some human sewage in the U.S. for years, according the Environmental Working Group.

The nitrate also reacts with salts in water and then releases nitrous oxide.

In turn, that causes sewage to overflow into the surrounding environment.

The Las Vega Aquedict and Sewer District has said the nitrate used in its system is not toxic and the system is safe for the community.

It also has a wastewater treatment plant that can treat waste from local and regional businesses, the Las Vegas Aquedicom, according its website.

The Sewer is the largest municipal sewage system in Las Vegas.

It carries wastewater from the city of Las Vegas, into the city’s sewer system and into the Las Vegans city sewers, the spokesperson said.

The Aquedirect has about a million people in its jurisdiction, the city said.


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