June 16, 2021

The most common question we hear from people when asked about their medical condition is “Are you sick?”

The answer to this question is always the same: “Yes.”

The answer is a no because there is nothing wrong with you.

In fact, there is a lot of stuff that is wrong with your body that you can do to keep your body healthy.

Let’s talk about what that stuff is.

The American Cancer Society has compiled a list of 10 things that are probably causing your cancer, and we’ll be sharing them with you today.1.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol2.

Smoking 3.

Not Getting Enough Sleep4.

Drinking too much or too little Vitamin D5.

Not getting enough exercise6.

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables7.

Eating too many processed foods8.

Not having enough time to exercise9.

Being overweight or obese10.

Not drinking enough coffee or tea11.

Eating foods high in salt, sugar, fat and cholesterol12.

Not taking enough vitamins and minerals13.

Not following a healthy diet14.

Not keeping a healthy weight15.

Not exercising regularly16.

Being on medication17.

Being in pain18.

Not sleeping during the day19.

Being under stress20.

Not reading the time21.

Not listening to your body voice22.

Not making enough noise23.

Not going to the gym24.

Not being active25.

Not wearing sunglasses26.

Not maintaining a healthy sleep schedule27.

Not feeling like your body is telling you something important28.

Not paying attention to your health29.

Being too busy30.

Not understanding your body’s message31.

Not living your life to its fullest32.

Not working out33.

Not doing exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle34.

Not seeing your doctor35.

Not practicing good health hygiene36.

Not showing up to appointments37.

Not participating in family planning or prenatal care38.

Not watching your diabetes symptoms39.

Not using oral contraceptives40.

Not breastfeeding41.

Not protecting yourself against STDs42.

Not asking questions about health conditions43.

Not learning how to properly care for your health44.

Not recognizing when it is time to go to the doctor45.

Not speaking up for yourself46.

Not sharing your concerns and concerns47.

Not seeking help48.

Not respecting the rights of others49.

Not caring for yourself and others50.

Not appreciating your body body51.

Not supporting yourself and your family52.

Not trusting your body and not supporting your friends and family53.

Not giving your body the attention it needs54.

Not developing the confidence it needs55.

Not accepting that you are sick56.

Not focusing on your health and not caring about it57.

Not letting go of negative thoughts and feelings58.

Not holding people accountable for their health59.

Not thinking of yourself as an individual who has problems or needs help60.

Not acknowledging your personal problems61.

Not treating yourself with respect62.

Not coming to terms with the past63.

Not changing how you live and the world around you64.

Not embracing the things that make you happy65.

Not looking for help for yourself or for others66.

Not addressing any of the issues or problems you may be facing67.

Not staying connected to family, friends, and loved ones68.

Not engaging in positive self-talk69.

Not celebrating your life70.

Not connecting with others71.

Not expressing love and caring for others72.

Not becoming more assertive73.

Not standing up for your feelings and opinions74.

Not putting yourself first75.

Not believing in yourself76.

Not realizing how much you love others77.

Not talking about your feelings78.

Not knowing when it’s time to get help79.

Not allowing others to dictate what you do80.

Not loving yourself and how you feel81.

Not healing from past trauma82.

Not teaching others to live healthier lifestyles83.

Not reaching out to those closest to you84.

Not growing in your understanding of your feelings85.

Not telling your family about your health issues86.

Not wanting to be alone87.

Not communicating with your doctor88.

Not honoring the fact that you and your loved ones are sick89.

Not spending enough time with loved ones90.

Not enjoying a healthy relationship91.

Not receiving enough support from others92.

Not not listening to other people93.

Not remembering to take care of yourself and yourself94.

Not admitting that you’re tired95.

Not experiencing your pain and feeling less pain96.

Not stopping when you feel you’re ready97.

Not acting as if your illness is your fault98.

Not trying to be your best self99.

Not starting your own business100.

Not playing an active role in your own health101.

Not managing your own symptoms102.

Not calling yourself a person who’s healthy103.

Not turning to your doctor for medical care104.

Not always taking care of your body105.

Not responding to others’ concerns106.

Not dealing with negative emotions107.

Not meeting with a doctor108.

Not checking in with your family or friends109


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