June 16, 2021

Posted November 18, 2018 07:48:52 It’s not only the sewage lines that need to be repaired, but the entire sewer system in the city.

The City of Adelaide’s sewage network is at a critical point in terms of its ability to deliver its water and sewer services to the population.

We have a huge number of pipes to fix and the City has not been able to do this in a sustainable way.

City staff have identified that there are several potential problems with the sewage system, and a number of measures that we have already taken to address them.

These include: 1.

Replacement of the sewage pipe at the city’s sewer plant that is in a state of disrepair and could need to undergo a new repair every two weeks.


Replacing all existing sewer lines in the CBD to ensure the safety of water supply.


Re-routing sewer lines to avoid the use of the existing sewer line that runs under the city centre.


Reallocating sewer lines across the city to reduce the impact on residents and businesses.


Building a new wastewater treatment plant that will remove any remaining contaminants from the sewage and provide a safe environment for wastewater to flow.


Establishing a new, more effective sewage treatment plant in conjunction with the city and South Australian Environment Protection Agency to remove any pollutants from wastewater and ensure the water supply remains safe.


Developing a water and wastewater treatment system that minimises the risk of contaminants entering the sewage treatment system.


Estimating and implementing an innovative wastewater treatment and prevention system.

The City is working closely with the South Australian Water and Wastewater Authority to address the various issues identified by the City’s staff.

This includes: A new wastewater management system will be installed by September 2019 to manage and manage wastewater that has entered the city wastewater treatment plants.

A number of other measures are also underway to minimise the impact of wastewater on the environment.

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